Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week 27 WI….in my teens!

This week result was much better than last week unexpected gain. I lost 1.2kg bringing my total to 22.2kg (all the two what the chance of that… lol) and bringing me under the 120kg that I have aiming for over the past few weeks…I am today very pleased with this result. I mentioned today I am pleased as yesterday (my WI day) I really was that not trilled with this loss – after my unexpected gain last week I really expected to lose at least 2 – 2.5kg this week, so when I only lost half that amount I was quite dark and very negative with my progress. My weight loss has slowed down and it has been a struggle to get under the 120kg, yesterday I did not even allow myself to recognise this achievement despite banging on about for the last few posts.

Well I am happy with my progress and very excited to be in the teens – it has been a few years. A turning point for me today was I out buying some new 1.5kg hand weights and there was some 5kg weight, I picked 4 of them and held them for a few moments and though wow this is really heavy and this pretty much what I have taken off my body over the past 6months. There is absolutely no way I can back regardless of how slow my weight loss is - the key is keep moving in a down ward direction. I am in this for the long haul….this is no 2 week vacation!!! I am committed to the end…I owe it myself, my kids and the people in my life that continue to support me year after year in this battle that I am winning.

I would like to thank everyone that leaves comments on my blog – I really really appreciate them - it tickles me every time I get one – I find them very motivating – thank you.

My next goal is to reach 25kg which is 2.8kg away...


  1. You are doing SO well. Every time I come read your blog I find myself inspired, truly inspired. Thank you! That 25 kg mark is so close can do it!

  2. 1.2kg is a great loss! Well done!
    I think it is really important to have goals, but no date attached to it!
    I will lose 25kg etc. but when it happens it happens. Not I will lose 25kg by Easter. I set a date to a weight loss for my bali trip, i only just succeeded by 200gms, but I really didn't go gun ho to achieve that timeline. It just happened and I thought it would be nice!

    22.2kg is a huge amount to lose! Oh how horrible to ever go back to that! Keep going! You are doing so well! :)

  3. I'm glad that the dark cloud I saw on WI day was just a passing shower and the sun has broken through.
    Shine on, Jody there's more great results to come!