Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 25 WI

The scales where very kind today reporting a loss of 1.2kg bringing my total to 21.6kg – very happy with that result. I did work hard this week by stepping up the intensity of the exercise and tracked all week. I am now only 300g off my next goal of getting under 120kg – looking forward to being in the teens next week..

This week was quite challenging the volume of work is still very high which pushes the stress levels up – I have maintained my focus by not using food as my coping mechanism and instead I have been exercising every night (and a couple of morning when I can’t sleep!) to help relieve the tension from the day and start to wind down – so far so good.

When I become overwhelm I do two things EAT and SPEND money – as we all know both do provide relief in the moment but once the moment has passed you are right back where started with some extra…..yesterday I was having a particular bad day really not feeling good about myself – the old failure feeling where starting to creep back in and I found myself on the web considering signing up for yet another weight loss type programme – why you ask when I am doing really well with WW – well last night I started to ask myself the same questions, then came to the conclusion that I was slipping back into old habits and just looking for a distraction from the current issues at work. I have promised myself that I will not make any internet purchase unless I have sat on it for at least 24 hours especially when it comes to anything to with weight loss and exercise equipment…(you should see my shed and book shelf!!!!) – this morning I decided that I have a very good plan that is working very well so why change it – then I hopped on the scales to a 1.2kg loss which just reinforce that I am doing just fine with my current plan.

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