Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 24 WI…..on the down hill slide

Well are after a very short dry spell I am happy to report a loss of 800g this week, bring my total to 20.4kg – very happy to have my 20kg backs. I have to admit that on Wednesday I was a bit disappointment – so far this month (Feb) I have only lost 200g  – I am not sure why I though that I could redeem myself and lose 2.7kg which is what I needed in order to be on track to hit my Feb target! I had dinner with a couple of friends on Wednesday night who were both very surprised and very impressed by how much I have lost in a relatively short time frame – it really lifted me and reminded me to focus on the big picture – another friend also reminded that you need to live too - 20.4kg is nothing to be disappointed about.

As I mentioned before the stress at work is very high at the moment (just that time of the year!) – it has been a struggle but I am definitely finding other means to handle the stress than heading for the food – I have had one break down with food the other week but that is it!! I have been keeping myself very focus on the goals at hand, exercising each night (a couple of nights really pounding the pavement) and doing quite a lot of deep breathing to help me wind down and get to sleep at a reasonable hour – I am pretty impressed with my progress so far – probably got about another two weeks left of the peak and I am feeling very confident that I can manage it though.

I have some great news my treadmill is finally fixed – after 2 months the parts and the fix it man arrived and it is as quiet as a mouse now – I did not release just how noisy it was before – looking forward to getting back into some solid cardio work with my iFit – I have missed Rhonda…

My current goal is to go under 120kg which means that I have another 1.5kg to go - I plan on stepping up the exercise this week to achieve this goal by the end of Feb!!!