Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Compliments, compliments, compliments...

You have got to love it when people start to notice your weight loss.

On Saturday I went to my friend’s parent’s 40th wedding anniversary - I have known her parents since we were kids.

A number of people at the party I have not seen for a few months all commented on my weight loss - told me how great I was looking....I was feeling very pleased with me.

A few people at work have also started to comment - one girl (who I am very good friends with) even said that it looked it is dropping off me now (she has listen to me complain for years!!).

My friend asked if a couple of us could assist with the preparation and serving of the food for the night (so the oldies could sit back enjoy themselves). I decided before I went that this was not going to be a problem for me, I control the food and I will chose what I want eat with careful consideration (I did eat prior to arriving to ensure that I was not starving). There was some really great food - I stayed well clear of most of it except 2 x paper rolls and this little gourmet savoury cake (very small but very nice..). I also chose not have any desert as the though of the amount of exercise I would need to do to burn it off was just not worth it...

The food was really good but I really was not tempted by any of it – normally when I am at these types of events I struggle with the food all the night and I end up feeling quite deprived and a bit angry that I can't just merrily eat away like everyone else. When the next day arrives I am generally still feeling quite ripped off about the food and I generally crumble…and start eating..

On Saturday night I really just did not want to eat any of it – it was not a struggle - the compliments I was receiving about how good I was looking were far better than any little pastry there....

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  1. Aren't those compliments great?! I've not had too many yet, but it feels SO good when they come.

    Glad you had a good time and stayed in control!