Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 23 WI – doh…..

For the second consecutive week you will notice that there is nothing bold in large fonts – that is because I had a gain (gee it kills me to even write it!!) this week of +600g… bringing my total losses back to 19.6kg – quite guttered about being back under the 20kg mark….

OK so here goes the justification for the gain – last week my friend L turned 40 years old, we have known each since we were 16 years old…more than half our lives…..her husband phoned me a couple weeks ago and asked if we (myself and other old friend) would go to Port Hedland for her surprise 40th… of course we went – flue out on Friday Morning and returned on Sunday lunch time – no kids – was really great to have total adult time all weekend (she does have a couple of kids but they pretty much take care of themselves these days). Friday night was the party which consisted of quite a lot of beer, vodka & yoga bombs (I hope that correct) – I did also drink quite a lot of water (just though this would help my cause..) followed by platters of meat and samboy chips….. where I really fell down was the last time I ate was on the plane in the morning and I had a couple of handful of rice crackers later in the afternoon – so by the time we arrived at the party, we were drinking on empty stomaches. I was quite nervous as I had not seen my friend for a few years and did not know any of their friends at the party so I probably drank a little faster than I should have….. then the food come out and I was starving and in desperate need to soak up some of the alcohol (as I was already doing the side step and it was only 9pm!)….anyway it was a really great night – L was very surprised and very happy to see us – her friends where great and where all very welcoming.

The rest of the weekend we spent catching up, did a bit of scenic driving, fishing etc…the diet over the Saturday & Sunday was not great to be perfectly honest – I may have had some flavoured chips maybe some barbecue shapes maybe a rather large piece of sponge cake….and possibly something else that I have chosen to forget at this moment. In my own defensive I did drink lots of water (or was the dry horrors….) apart from the cake the savouries where eaten in small quantities – I certainly did not have the attitude that I could go for broke all weekend…I was very aware of what I was eating and that I was choosing to eat those foods. Ohh almost forgot – we did no exercise - I sat on my behind all weekend looking at the treadmill willing it burns some calories without actually getting on it….- I have not done that in several months. When I arrived home on Sunday that night whilst catching up on TBL I was doing my stepping and stretching exercise – I had gone into damage control. It was a great weekend so it was all worth it…

The part where I am disappointment at myself is after the weekend – work at the moment is extremely stressful – standard for this time of the year so not unexpected – yesterday (Tuesday) it did all get a bit much for me – so instead of practicing my breathing that has worked very well in the past or going and speaking to my boss and expressing how very stressed myself and the rest of the team are - which has also worked very well in past (just to be able to vent your frustrating even if nothing happens can make a huge differences!) and I did have a very healthy lunch in fridge - but I chose to neither of those options instead chose to go to the Japanese place and order Katsu Chicken & Rice (basically Fried chicken with steamed rice) with dumplings (which are steamed!! )…it was very oily and I was over full as it was a much larger serving that what I eat these days…..Then I had a chocolate biscuit later in the afternoon – luckily my dinner was cooking in the slow cooker so the evening was OK.

I was really down on myself for not using any of techniques that I have been working on for several months that I have proven to work but instead I ate – did the food take the pressure away NO – did it make me feel better once I had finished – NO – was it worth the 600g gain – NOT AT ALL….

When I arrived at my meeting today I was feeling quite down on myself – the meeting today was all about heart disease – it was a great topic and it reminded me on why I am doing this – it is not just about wearing a great pair of jeans one day it is all about saving my health and my life…that is why I am doing this….This is all part of the learning process on this journey – we are human after all and we will faultier…that is life… is was what we do next that matters…

I think I have gone on for long enough – I am focused, ready to track, drink water and full my body with healthly choices and lots of exercise – I want my 20kgs back now….


  1. Well done for admitting to all the things that you did to make you put on weight. So this week, work your butt off to make up for it! You know what you have to no excuses this week and you will be back at the 20kg mark...just where you want to be! :)

  2. Very honest blog - I can you feel your renewed focus!