Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 22 WI

This week results is a little bit disappointing as you have probably already noticed there is no number in bold and large font - that is because I lost NOTHING this week – I stayed exactly the same. I am not too bother (I am little really as we would all like to record a loss each week!) as I know that it is not through a lack of trying. I did nothing to cause my weight loss to stop so I am sure it will start to move again next week – I have had some really great losses over the last few weeks – it is all good.

I read on someone blog or on the WW boards that (sorry if you are reading this and it is you!) that when watching the biggest loser they were going to exercise instead of sitting on the coach. I decided that is a great idea and that is what I have starting do as well.
On Monday (I was too tired on Sunday so I folded the washing instead..) I got my stepper and hand weights out and stepped for 30mins and then did about 20mins of floor exercises (as it was 1 hour show).
On Tuesday I did 20mins of stepping and had to cut it short by 10mins as I went for a walk (my neighboured showed up earlier than expected).
I was feeling great and really motivated until I woke up on Wednesday morning to find that my calf muscle are absolutely caning me – I mean really really sore – I pulled up with no pain on Tuesday so I figured I good to go but the pain found me today……
Today is Wednesday and so far I have not watch TBL which means I have not done my stepping (I don’t normally exercise on a Wednesday anyway as I go to my parents for dinner)…I am quit relieved – hopefully by tomorrow (Thursday) night they will have eased ready for the next round!


  1. I liked that idea of exercising while watching....but the show hasn't started here in NZ yet so I've got awhile yet.

    Keep going, you're doing great!

  2. I must try that idea too! I've been soooo slack with my exercise since developing shin splints so haven't been walking but there's no reason why I can't try something else!
    Have a great week!
    Gae oxoxo

  3. I did that last season (exercised while watching TBL), I still try and do it this season too as a bit of an extra workout and I love it! Great attitude to a disappointing result, those scales are sure to move again soon.