Monday, February 15, 2010

Boot camp & stress update

Just though I would give a quick update on my boot camp and where I am at the moment.

I have now completed 4 weeks of boot camp and I have to say that I love it!!! Did I say that out loud….lol…..Each week we are presented with new exercise working muscle that have probably been dormant for many years. Each sessions starts off with a “jog” – each time I try and push myself just a little bit further – my goal each week is to be able to jog to the next lamp post – so far so good…the whole jogging thing is really quite uncomfortable - I do feel like there are bits still moving well after I have stopped……I must be a site for sore eyes….there are a lot of beautiful people at the beach at that time of the morning and I do feel quite ridiculous but never the less I will keep pushing through as soon I will be one of those beautiful people!!! LMAO - OK you can stop laughing now….

The exercises are really great as they are exercise that I just simply would not do at home on my own or even with a friend. You do tend to push yourself when are in a group environment – I would highly recommend it to anyone that is thinking about it.

Last Friday I did arrive at boot camp with my energy levels running very low – I am under a lot of stress at the work which is quite emotional exhausting so I did have to drag myself along – I just kept on telling myself that this is exactly what I need to relieve the stress and rebuild my energy levels – and it did exactly that – I arrived at worked feeling like I could take on the huge amount of work that we have at this time of the year and my energy levels soared.

I have been struggling with the stress at the work and the temptation to eat my way through it again - especially after last Tuesday breakdown - it has been hard to fight to off - I have stayed strong and every time I have been tempted to hit the lunch bar I have reminded myself that there is nothing in that lunch bar that will solve the amount of work we have – once I have eaten all that saturated fat the work will still be there and I will feel like crap and then the circle begins – how do you stop a cycle? Don’t start it! That is exactly what I have been focusing on over the last week. I have also made sure that I have tracked everyday, exercise, kept my water intake up and probably the most important is SLEEP – I starting working very long hours and sleeping only a few – bad combination. I am feeling good and feeling that I am defiantly on the right track for a very successful week – I am craving a loss – have not seen one for 2 weeks!!.


  1. Well done on your commitment to boot camp!
    Very impressive!

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