Monday, February 22, 2010


After reporting that my treadmill is back in action it’s broken again yesterday (Sunday) – NOT HAPPY JAN!!! The treadmill was repaired last Thursday and Sunday was the first day that we had a chance to give it a descent run. When I started I felt that the matt was still slipping it really did not feel right – my friend tried it and said that it seemed fine to her – I continued on and notice that the speed on the display was dropping out and then it felt like the treadmill got faster suddenly – after about 10mins I stopped as I felt that something was not right. My friend then jumped on and started working and felt that the matt was OK – the speed was still dropping in out then all of a sudden it stopped – without warning or slowing down came to a sudden halt – it almost sent my friend flying. I was not happy.

So today I made several phone calls expressing how totally dissatisfied I was with the treadmill and that I can’t believe that after waiting 2 months for it to be repaired that it is broken again….just days after the motor was replaced the main bolt that holds one of the arms in place….they are now trying to tell me that this is a different problem to the original one and we need to log a new service call – ……WT#….I paid $4000 for a treadmill that I have barely used for 3 months and then they try and tell me that this problem has nothing to do with the previous problem - its just bad luck!!! And of course they used the standard line “we never had a problem with this treadmill before” give me a break…I work in IT we use this line on a daily basis….I am feeling very frustrated at the moment and needed to vent…

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  1. Can you demand a new one? Really shout and scream and make them take action??? Small claims? That is a real bugger...if it is only 3 months old, and you have only had 1 month of use...that just isn't good enough!