Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week 18 – trust the process as it works…

I don’t know what I was getting worried about yesterday as I have lost a further 900grams last week – bring my total to 17.2kg – very happy with that result.
I just need to remind myself to trust the process as clearly it works…

Next week I am off camping for a week next to the beach – really looking forward to this – we are planning on being very active over the week – taking the bikes, will be doing lots of swimming (there is a pool at the camp site) and will be doing some sand walking!! Should be a great week Food wise – I don’t have much of a plan, just plan on eating lots of salads, fruit and cooking on the barbecue.

This will mean that I won’t be weighing for the next 2 weeks - I will need to be careful that I don’t full into the mindset that I can get away with a bit more as I am not weighing next week so it does not matter!!!


  1. WOO! Well done!! You're doing so well :)

  2. Enjoy your time away Jody, you are an inspiration. You go girl. Kerry