Friday, January 29, 2010

Boot camp Week 2

I survived my second week of Boot camp!! As strange as it may sound I was actually looking forward to going back – not quite sure why as the pain in my thighs did not stop until Wednesday!!! You know you are in trouble when you need to hold onto the walls to sit on the toilet!!

Today we started with the “jog” I did manage to jog (I am using the word jog in a very lose fashion as it feels more like a forward stagger..) a bit further today and then walked pushing myself as fast as possible, we did those horrid stepping lungers again, I felt a bit better at them this week – last week I felt like I was going to topple over the whole time – did some side stepping, jumping (I had to pass on the jumping as it was too harsh on my knees) etc.. Then she sent us down towards the beach….I was scared… I have enough trouble walking on a flat solid ground….the others had to go down the stairs then run the ocean and come back run up the stairs and repeat this 4 times – she was a bit nicer to me (or maybe she could see the fear in my eyes…) I had to go up and down the stairs 4 times then walk down the ocean and come back as fast as possible…I did it but I was well out of breath….not sure what we did after that I was still trying to get the air back into my lungs!!! We ended the session with “matt” time which as I am discovering is the time every hangs out for as that means we are almost at the end – we did a lot of Pilates type stretches which were really good (Pilates is something that I would like to get back into as well).

All in all I felt great when I finished, my legs were a little wobbly but nothing like last week – though as I sit here I can feel my abs and thighs starting to hurt – ohhh I can’t wait for the morning to see what pain awaits….


  1. ooh Jody, I am hurting just reading this blog!! I don't know how you do it!! THink I will stick to my Wii Fit Plus for a while, I know I will have to do some strength training eventually too but putting it off for now.
    Keep up the brilliant work, you've come so far :)

  2. but look at those fantastic losses!!! i reckon your body's recovery time will be a bit quicker this week though... :)

  3. Wow - I can not imagine your pain - well done on your loss todate

  4. What a session! I do a form of boot camp, and it is tough! So I feel your pain!!! :)