Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have mention a few times about the small achievements through my journey over the last few months. A trip to the movies this week is another example.

Going to the movies at 142kg had become a bit of choir – let not even mention the – I hope she does not sit next to me - looks…. – The struggle starts as soon as I needed to climb the stairs to find a seat – I generally go with my daughter who likes to sit towards the back – we generally comprise and sit in the middle – I climb the stairs holding on to find a seat where we don’t have to sit next to anyone…Then sit through the next 2 hours or so….the problems is that I had become to big for the seats so I generally had to lift the arm up to find myself spilling over into the next seat…..my knees would ache , I could feel the pressure building in my legs because I could not stretch them out and just felt like I was squashed into a confined space…Then the hardest part was when you had to leave….I found that standing up again I had to wait a minute for my legs and feet to start working, I would wait until everyone behind me had left so that when I climb down the stairs I could hold on and put both feet onto each step….seriously I felt and probably looked like I was 100 years old!!!

Today (Monday) we went to see Avatar which is a 3 hour movie (great movies really recommend you go and see it) – I walked into the cinema and yes the same looks – I hope she does not sit next to me – but this time I was able to just walk up the stairs find a seat (not next to anyone), sit down – did not need to move the arm rest as I was quite comfortable – watch the movies, nothing ached and then when it ended just got up and walked down the stairs one foot on one step just like a “normal” person…

I still have a very long way to go in my journey but just losing 10% of my weight is already giving back some of the simple things in life – like going to the movies with my daughter!

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