Friday, January 22, 2010

Boot camp....survival story

Well I finally did it - I went to boot camp and survived, did not vomit or pass out once lol. My friend who I exercise with has been going for quite a while - I have been thinking about but was waiting until I had lost enough weight and was fit enough. I was really nervous and quite anxious thinking to myself – what if I can’t do it, what if I look like a complete fool, what if I am the fattest there etc… you know the story…! I finally decided that it was time to give it a go – no time like the present…

When we arrived I seen the other girls and they were all tiny little things – my head dropped and I said to my friend – they are all so tiny…I really hesitated in getting out of the car - then I though to myself - no I am as good as anyone else and deserve the right to be here as much as anyone else!

The class got started and we did some squats, jogging (mainly walking for me but I made sure I was pushing myself at a descent pace), lunges (lots and lots), side steps etc.. and then we did some sprints…..

I could not quite keep up with the rest of the class and when we did the sprinting (I was doing more of a jog well maybe a forward stagger but I was doing the motion!). - I only went 3/4 of the way and was way at the back of the pack, you know I felt good because I knew that as long as I keep going it won't be long and I will be at the front of the pack (even the middle will do…). I was jogging, I was jogging can you believe it! – very impressed with that achievement….

It was really good - my legs felt like jelly after and they are really really sore now (14 hours later…) – not looking forward to the morning…
I have signed up for next week...


  1. CONGRATULATIONS - going out there and doing a boot camp takes a lot of courage and is something you should be proud of! I think you did an awesome job, be proud of yourself.

  2. BEST WISHES with your weigh-in this week!
    Hopefully your first 20 kg loss!
    All the very best - Gae oxoxo

  3. Hi Jody,

    I just did my first bootcamp class today - totally relate to your story and the anxious moments!
    and yes i'm going back too.
    look forward to hearing of the day when you are beating the original skinnyminnies!