Saturday, November 21, 2009

I love my iFit

Last weekend I went and picked my iFit that has been back order for 3 months!!!!

An iFit is an electronic personal trainer that plugs into my treadmill (it is the size of a memory card). I had a goal last week to increase my walking speed from 4.7km to 5km by the end of this week. I have the beginner Level 1 card and did my first workout last Saturday night. My virtual PT name is Rhonda (which ironically is the name of my WW leader – my daughter got a huge kick out that lol), I wack in the card hit the start button and off I went – the first 4 minutes is the warm up walking at about 4km – then it takes off – for next 12mins I am walking at 5.4km with an incline that steadily went up to 6% - every minutes something changes (either the incline or speed) - then last 4 mins is the cool down (20min session).

I managed to get through the entire 20min workout without stopping and collapsing in a heap on the floor – I was dripping in sweat and could not talk for the next 20mins but I DID IT!!! I was so very impressed with myself that I well and truly exceeded my goal for the week. It is quite amazing what we are physically capable of when pushed a bit. Since last Saturday and I have continued to do a session each day moving through the levels (speed and incline are slowly increasing – god help me…) and even managed a double session on Thursday night….Go me…. (yay mummy as my son would say if he could speak!)

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  1. Good job you!! Sounds like a great thing to have. I found you through the ww boards. I'm glad I did :) I'll be back.