Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Week 12 WI - Smashed the 10kg...

Wooo hoo had a massive loss of -2kg this week bringing my total to 11.4kg – how good is that!! This translates to 12 consecutives losses…..(can I include the week I stayed the same?..I think sooo) – I am truly on a roll. This also means that I exceeded my GWEN target of 4kg by 300g – feels great to not only meet a target but to exceed it as well.

The main difference for me this week was my workout using the iFit – my little virtual trainer “Rhonda” really stepped up the pace – like last night I did a 30min workout at a 10% incline by 5.6km (not the whole time but a good proportion) – nearly killed me but I did it (calf muscle where feeling the pain this morning.. lol).

The week did not go by without incident – I did jump on the “why me” train for a short while but I managed to go only a few stops and then hopped off without any collateral damage (obviously hehe) – this is quite a change from the person that probably would have gone into a week long binge just a few weeks. I am defiantly on the road to managing my emotions and expressing them verbally (or written on the WW community – which I have to say, is just fantastic!!) – instead of eating my way through them – big change for me and clearer with my results is working.

My next goal is to go under 130kg just need another 500g…

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  1. What a fantastic loss!! Good job you! It's hard to get a handle on the emotions. I find myself blogging a lot more since restarting this journey because otherwise I'll eat my emotions.

    Here's to another good week!