Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weight in Eve – Week 10

Tomorrow is WI day – I am feeling a lot calmer this evening than I have been in previous weeks – feeling very confident with whatever tomorrow WI brings.
I though I would reflect on the week without the influence of the scales (as I put way too much emphasis on the scales!!).

My exercise routine is really starting to fall into place – I managed to do 5 sessions this week, mainly on the treadmill and the weight machines. Currently I am walking at 4.7km for 30 mins, I am finding that if I read at the same time the times goes a lot faster, my goal by the end of next week is to build up to 5km for the full 30mins – I feel that this is achievable as the 4.7 is starting to become comfortable. On my weight machines I have decided not to increase the weights instead increase the number of reps per station.

All in all it is working well; the only negative is that physically my body is really struggling; mainly back, knees and feet are quite painful. In the past I would have given up by now, I am finding though the more pain I am in the more determine I am to keep going as I know that as I reduce my body size the pain will lessen…

On the food front – this is going really well, I am feeling very in control and have had no overwhelming craving for crap food for a few weeks now. I am even starting to reach for fruit as the first option instead of the last!! Never though that would happen….My plan next week is to change my lunch a bit – starting to just take tuna and salad everyday….which I like but I know that if I don’t mix it up then I am easier swayed at work to get something else!! (With the exception of pay Friday Chinese – that is my lunch treat for the fortnight). Also the tracking has been a bit lapse so I need to pull this into check (I am tracking but find that I end up doing two days at the same time!!).

Great week – feeling healthy and happy.

Goals for next week:
1. Increase treadmill speed to 5km = 30mins
2. Track, Track & Track every day
3. Spruce up lunch

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