Friday, May 7, 2010

Week 35 WI – 20% DONE

Had a great loss this week of 1.2kg bringing my total to 28.8kg which means that I have reach my goal of losing lost 20% of body weight!!!! Very impressed to say the least….. My next goal is to reach the 30kg mark, which is only 1.2kg away so we should have that sort within the next 2 weeks (I would like to say next week but I am being a bit reserved…)

Stress levels at work have been quite high this week so I had to really focus on not turning to food as my stress relief…and clearly by my result I certainly did not do that….I instead focused on exercising and reminding myself that the food will not make one ounce of difference it will only make it worst. It was tough but now that I am at the other end I and very pleased that I maintained control over the food and the food is not controlling me.

I get asked a lot what rewards I give myself when I reach my mini goals – At this stage I don’t actually give myself any materialistic rewards . When I reach my goal it gives me such a lift and confirms that I am really doing this…….I am able to achieve the goals that I set on a regular basis and this feeling spurs me on to set and reach my next goal. The other reward I am getting is my life back!! Physically I can do so much more. I can play with my baby on the floor, I can run after him, I can go cycling with my kids; I can walk without being in consistence pain. I could go on and on about how much better my body (and mind) is that it is now carrying 20% less weight.

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  1. Hi Jody,

    Where abouts in Perth are you. I'm in Kalgoorlie. I understand what you say about the food not making anything better. Sometimes though I have to wonder if being honest does either..haha Some people just can't deal with me, when I'm not self medicating with chocolate!!!

    I have only one suggestion for this gorgeous page...more pics. It's a great thing to see yourself as others do...and sometimes I feel great and a pic reminds me that I still have a way to go and reality hurts..haha

    OK..good luck again and excellent goal setting. I always seem to reward myself with clothes...last time it was a nice belt..cause all the clothes I already bought needed one to stay up.

    I bought them a bit tighter this time..hehe then they can get as loose as they like!!!

    Seeya less round...