Friday, May 28, 2010

Week 38 – stalking the fridge…

I had a much more positive week which resulted in a loss of 300g bringing my total to 29.1kg. I wouldn’t say I am too excited with my loss but a loss is a loss and I am heading in the right direction again. I do truly need to get a move on now – I have been hovering around this 30kg mark for the last 4 weeks so it is time to get over whatever it is that is holding me back and get over the line and get this done! I am only 900g off my next goal so let’s get this show on the road!!

Last week I found myself stalking the fridge…..especially in the evening…it’s not through hungry just that urge that I felt like I needed something more….I resisted most of the time but there was a couple of times that I found myself eating a late night sandwich….On Saturday evening I had this overwhelming urge to eat fried chicken – normally when I get like this something has happened to trigger the urge – nothing happening but I was in a tugger war with myself – I did end up at the drive through but I pulled out and went home and cooked myself a seafood marinara. To be successfully in this journey I must stop these urges in their tracks!

My focus for this week is get over the 30kg mark – how am I going to do this??? Remain calm, take each day as it comes and of course track, drink water and exercise each day.


  1. I'll be watching this space for 900g loss next week : )

  2. GOOD FOR YOU for leaving the drive through. That took some willpower I bet. I'm sure you can pull off the 900g!