Monday, September 20, 2010

WI Y2 Week 2

Really late on posting this week – last week had a gain of +800g bring my total back to 33.4. There was no explanation to the gain expect that the week before I did have a really big loss and sometimes a big loss can be followed by a gain which is just evening itself out I suppose!

I reinstalled my laptop operating system last week and some how – don’t ask me how – I manage to backup everything EXCEPT my photos – can you believe it – the only thing that is of any real importance (and I cannot replace or recreate) I forgot to backup!!!!! Anyway I have been in recovery mode all week trying to salvage as many of the photos as I can….I am so annoyed at myself – one for overlooking the most important stage of the backup process and for not transferring the photos to CD and my external harddrive on a regular basis – I have lost close to 12 months worth of photos – which is a lot when you have a 2 year old!! So bummed at myself anyway so that is what my nights have been taken up with over the last week.

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