Friday, September 10, 2010

WI Y2 Week 1 **Happy New Year**

This week marks the start of my 2nd year on this journey – I am pleased to report that I have kicked it off with a whopping 2.3kg loss – bring my total to 34.2kg – wooo hooo – pretty please with that – amazing what a little bit of variety and a full week of tracking can do!!

I am still working on ensuring that I am keeping my life in some sort of balance - I am making sure that I am getting to bed earlier especially as I have started to do my exercise in the mornings - I am getting up a 5am and walking on my treadmill – I brought myself a wireless headset so that I don’t wake the kids up (well it’s really only the teenager that was complaining!!!) whilst I am watching TV - This is working well especially when I get home after work and I don’t have to worry about doing my exercise which most of the time I manage to talk myself out of anyway!!

My son is going into hospital on Tuesday to have grommets put into his ears – this is a pretty standard operation with minimal risk – he is only 2 and has never had an operation before – I am feeling a bit anxious about how he will react to the medication (given his list of food allergies) – I know my anxiety is normal so I need to be-careful over the next few days that I don’t confuse “hunger” with anxiety……anyway I am sure he will be fine and his ears will drain properly then he will be able hear normally again (as he failed his hearing test..) Then hopefully his speech will start to improve.

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