Friday, August 27, 2010

WI Week 51 (100th post)

This week seen a gain of 600g - bringing my total down to 32.9! I had quite a break down on Monday & Tuesday with stress from work and instead of doing some exercise I chose to eat instead!! Old habits die hard….

This week meeting topic was on Balance – it was very timely for me as my breakdown this week was due to my life being out of balance… What I have been doing for a few weeks now is working pretty much around the clock – Working in the office for about 9 hours and then coming home and working again at night for another 5+ hours (yes working into the wee hours on the morning) – I was probably doing 60+ hours a week! Of course you can’t do this many hours and keep up the pace with everything so of course exercise has been on a steady decline and even though I work on a computer for 15 hours you would think that I would be tracking online…well that has been going by the way side as well……And clearly when you are tired all the time you do find yourself looking for something ..…..that something was probably sleep but I interpret it as food!!

In the meeting it really hit me that my life is really out of balance again – It is not uncommon for me to go through stages of working ridicules hours - if I look back over my weight loss when my life has more balanced my weight loss is successful.

Rhonda reminder us that our HEALTH is our #1 priority (above our children, families, jobs etc...) – without our health then what good are we to our families, employer, friends etc… If we are not healthy then we don’t function well! My boss has even been checking with me to make sure that I am not working too much……one of my other bosses always says to me “Jody we are not saving lives here!” Which is very true - if it has to wait until tomorrow then is not the bee all to end all of client’s life….

I decided as I worked out of the meeting that my health is the most important thing and I need to get that balance back right this minute – so I decided that I will not work at night unless I have done my exercise, tracked my food and have a plan for the following day (and read a story to my boy) – and the biggest factor is that I must turn off the computer by 10:30pm and go to bed…. It has been proven again and again that sleep deprivation and\or stress have a negative effect on your weight loss…and I have proven this to myself over and over again…. I have done this for the last two days and all is good….

Doing the City to Surf (12km walk) in Perth on Sunday – really looking forward it! I wanted to do it last year but knew there was no way I could have worked 12km! This year I am sure it won’t be a problem….

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