Thursday, August 12, 2010

WI Week 49

Had a good week resulting in a 500g loss bringing my total to 33.2kg!

My son turned 2 on the weekend and I had a party for him on the Sunday. The party went really well – we had lots of traditional kids party food and I included some homemade sushi (my son loves sushi as well…) and a WW receipt for quiches. I had no problems dealing with all the party food – I was so busy most of the time I did not really have time to stand around picking at the party food….I just stuck to the sushi. The big problem with parties is the leftovers! Many times I have had no problems with the actual event but then fall down with the leftovers….lucky we did not have too much over – we had a quite a few cup cakes over so I took them to work on Monday, the chocolate crackers when to day care and the remainder of the Elmo cake went to work on Tuesday – I am please to say that I did not indulge in any of it!

I was looking at photos that were taken at his 1st birthday and comparing them to the current ones - I can really see the difference in my appearance with the weight loss – I could also see a difference in how I was smiling –this year I was really smiling – I recall last year not being happy with where I was at and being in quite a lot of pain……This year putting his party together really was not a problem physically at all. I will try and upload some photos next week so you can see the difference as well.

This weekend is my Dad’s 60th birthday so I will be at my parents house a lot of the next few days helping to setup etc.. That will bring quite a lot of food challenges as I will be away from the safety of my home…as long as I am prepared and eat in small quantities it won’t be a problem.

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  1. You are having fabulous steady losses. No wonder you look and feel different from a year ago! I can certainly relate to that. Congrats!