Friday, August 6, 2010

WI Week 48

The scales where very kind to me last week showing a loss of 1.1kg bring my total 32.7kg

Had a much better week, I find that I start the week off feeling very motivated and strong and as the week draws closer to weigh in day I started to lose momentum – I almost start to sabotage myself – like I am setting myself up to fail – why would I do that? My WI day is Wednesday and I find that on Monday & Tuesday I struggle the most – I don’t know if it is the start of the working week that drags me down or that I am still putting way to much emphasis on the scales instead of focusing how much better my health is as I continue with this journey!

My beautiful son turns 2 on Saturday – I am doing a small party for him on Sunday with lots of traditional party food – I will be practising a lot of “flexible restraint” – looking forward to it.

Last weekend I went to a 60th – this is the father of a very close friend of mine that I have known for 30 years!! The theme was Glamour Hollywood – in the past I have hated dress up parties – generally I don’t dress up but this year I have been to a couple and have decided what the hell – why not – so I have and I have had a really good time - I even found an outfit that fitted at the fancy dress shop this time…. I am feeling more confident with each kg I lose..


  1. Great loss Jody!! It is so fantastic when you can feel comfortable doing the fun things like getting fancy dress costumes and being relaxed enough to enjoy parties!! Its a great motivator for more, YOU GO GIRL

  2. Over 32kg !!! Way to go, you must be so excited and proud of yourself. I am/was like you and hating fancy dress with the main reason being that I could never find a costume to fit, everything seems to be made for size 8/10 so good on you for finding a costume and having a great time. You deserve it!