Saturday, August 21, 2010

WI Week 50

Lost a further 300g last week bringing my total to 33.5kg….it is only a small loss but I happy with that – as long as I keep on going down I’m good!

Last weekend was my Dad’s 60th birthday party – I took a couple of days off work to help Mum prepare the food – she had soooo much food – we where expecting about 60 people and I sure we could have fed a 100….anyway I did whatever I was instructed to do – I quite enjoyed it – it gave me a good break from my paid job! I was very impressed with myself as I kept the “sampling” and picking of the food to an absolutely minimum – I made sure I took some food to Mum’s as I knew all she would have was the party type food…..Dad had a really good night – he caught with his brother and sisters (he is from a family of 13! 9 of the 13 where there) – they don’t get together too often! I had not seen quite a lot of the people there since I started losing weight so the first part of the evening there was quite a lot of attention on myself - lots of very complimentary comments – which I am very grateful for but I do struggle with the volume of attention……

Over the last 4 weeks I have been very busy with 40th , 60th (x 2) & 2 year old parties – I have been very involved with the organisation, preparation and serving of the food and I am very pleased with myself that I manage to stay in control and continue to lose weight!

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