Thursday, January 26, 2012

WI Week 4 12

Lost 200g this week - total 34.7kg. I have to say there was a bead of sweat on my brow as I got on the scales last week - after boasting about 13 losses I was very nervous that I had a gain which would have ended my losing streak (this is the only time you are happy with a losing streak – lol) - very relieved to have had a loss. I have been very complaisance the last two weeks - I have been doing my exercise daily but the tracking has again been hit and miss - I hate going to the meeting and holding my breath as you get on the scales and hoping for losses - when you know full well that you did not put everything in that week - hoping for a loss is not acceptable - I need to work to make sure that I have earn the loss.

Back to work next week after 6 months! Looking forward to the working side but I will miss my boys - especially the baby but it is not optional so I just need to get on with it and enjoy the time I do have with them. I will still be going to my meeting on Tuesday morning I will start work late (my boss can see my progress over the last 6 months so he is happy to continue with this arrangement) - I just need to make sure that I get the exercise in during the week - I plan on walking and using my stepper in the evenings once the boys are in bed (they are generally down my 8pm).

Happy Australia Day everyone – enjoy the day!

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