Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WI Week 3 12

Lost 100g last week - total of 34.5kg. I have now had 13 consecutive losses - this is the best I have done for a very very long time.

I have learnt this time round to celebrate the little losses along with the big losses as they all add up in the end. Previously I would been spewing that I only lost 100g but a loss is a loss - when I reflect on the week and ask myself if I put in 100% then the answer is no - I sort of tracked, exercised 4 days - the tracking is the key when I track meal by meal then I get good results - this is the first week where the tracking really fell behind hence the result!

I am returning to work on the 30 Jan - ready for the start of the new school year! I have been feeling very anxious about returning - I feel that I have settled into being a at home mum and now it is over (I have been home for 6 months) - I think the main thing I am struggling with is leaving my baby- he is my last baby and I know that once he starts Day-care and I return to work he will just grow so fast and my baby will be gone - probably sounds a bit silly but that is how I feel. It is not optional for me to not return it is all part of the package (I am the sole income earner,,) I know that once I am back and we settle into the routine we will be fine.

My other concern about returning to work is fitting in exercise – previously I have exercised in the evening so I will need to get back into that routine – maybe whilst it is still warm in the evenings I can take the kids out for a walk – otherwise I can get on the treadmill once they are all in bed – the 3 year old is in bed by 7:30am just need to get the baby fed and in bed by 7:30ish as well (instead of sitting on the couch and rocking him.....).  I have thought about exercising in the morning but I would have to get up around 4:30am – bit early.  I won’t be able to do any group exercise classes for while – shame because I have been really enjoying then over the last few month.

I feel alright about the food – just need to do some planning and take my lunch every day (got to stay away from the greasy lunch bar!) – It will all be good.

Feeling really good at the moment - life is good.

I have also signed up for the 1 million kilo challenge

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