Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WI Week 1 2012

Lost 400g this week - total 33.3kg. Pretty happy with that result - I was unwell last week so I only exercised for 1 day and did not eat a great deal - most people have big losses when they are sick except me!

I have a quiet New Year - just stayed home and watched TV until the New Year came in - not really sure why as I was alone and my baby woke at 6:30am New Years day so I was buggered all day...

I have now had 11 consecutive losses my record is 12! 

Boot camp is back this week - my daughter is home so I am hoping to get in some extra classes over the next 3 weeks before I return to work! 
I am becoming quite nervous about returning to work and being able to keep up the weight loss - I have always worked so this is nothing new to me so I am not sure why I am becoming anxious - I am sure once I am back into the routine I will sort it out.  For now I am going to focus on the next 3 weeks of being at home with my baby (and of course my 3 year old..) - maybe it is leaving the baby that I am more anxious about - he is my last baby....

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