Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week 2 WI ProPoints

I had a gain of 600g this week – a bit disappointing but considering the size of last week loss I suppose it was to be expected.  On a positive note in the two weeks that we have been ProPoints I have lost 2.9kg which is a great result on the new programme.  Unfortunately it does put me on the back foot for December so I have some work to do in order to meet to my monthly target.
I followed the programme fully last week so I am happy that this gain is just balancing out last week huge loss.  I am enjoying the new programme and I am not feeling hungry all the time like I was previously maybe it’s the increased points or a more positive mindset that is making the difference – things are going well at the moment – I would just like some consistent losses and stop these large losses followed by a gain – this part drives me crazy!!

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