Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week 40 WI

Had a small loss last week of 300g brining my total to 30.3kg – I have now official lost more than 30kg – feels good to say that! It was a long weekend in WA last week and the winter weather has been just brilliant – really great weather for getting out walking, playing in the park and doing some gardening….which is just what we did last weekend – lots and lots of outdoor exercise – by the time I got back to work on Tuesday my legs were really quite sore!

It feels really good that I now have the physical energy to just be able to keep going and going – like on Sunday we (my baby and the dog) went for our usual Sunday morning walk for an hour – then after breakfast I did the gardening for about 3 hours (mainly pruning roses and digging up the dead ones!) and in between chasing after the toddler to get my gardening tools back! Then we went inside for lunch and a nap (the baby that is) – I ate lunch watched a bit of TV for probably an hour and then got back up, did some house work and then got dinner started…..and did all the usual things we need to do. The point to the story is that I was able to do all of this without having to pull myself along, without being in a lot of pain and without being totally exhausted….don’t get me wrong I was tired and I had a great night sleep but I was then able to get on the public holiday Monday, go down to lake monger and walk around the lake twice (7km) and play in the park etc…

My energy levels just keep on increasing with every 100g that I lose….


  1. That is truly fantastic Jody that you have noticed such a fabulous increase in energy!! Makes such a difference to your day, doesn't it??!

  2. Isn't it great? I love how far I've come and am not nearly as frightened about how far I've yet to go. Keep it'll have many more weekends this great!

  3. Congratulations Jody,

    Its amazing how balanced healthy eating drastically improves you energy and desire to do the routine and not so routine challenges the day brings. One small change creates so many positive changes

  4. Great news Jody!

    I'm sure you'll continue this journey right through to goal - and beyond knowing how great you feel so far!

    Imagine if someone asked you to lug around 30 kgs for an hour let alone for years and years!

    I hope to meet you in the 30kg lost club very soon!

    Gae oxoxo

  5. Hey Jody,

    I can definitely relate to that. So good to be able to do all these physical things without worrying about being able to get up from the ground or just enjoy them!

    not long until you are under the 110!


  6. Jody you are amazing! Well done on such a huge loss!!!

  7. HI Jody, congratulations on passing the 30kgs thats fantastic! Truly a job well done, give your self a big pat on the back! How great you must feel..